Parents Night Off - Kids Night out - Valentines day 2/14/202


Chelo's Fundraiser - February 19th

Spirit Week Feb 24th - 28th


Dixie Diehards Jazz Band - February 21st

 The Diehards title derives from members’ long-running devotion to traditional jazz music in the style of early 20th century exemplified by such New Orleans bands, as the Original Dixieland Jass Band, and Louis Armstrong’s All-Stars, as well as Chicago area musicians like Muggsy Spanier and Jimmy McPartland. 


Dave Marchetti's Animal Experiences - March 6th

The show is entertaining and educational and comes with the ability to touch and hold many of the animals Dave presents. This makes the Experience a thrilling and lasting memory that endures for years to come. 


Todd McLeish "Meet Tom Edison" - March 10th

During the last 25 years, Todd McLeish has entertained and informed more than 700 audiences in six states about the great inventor’s childhood curiosity about science, the challenges he overcame, and his great success inventing devices that changed the world.


Kaleidoscope Theatre - Little Red Riding Hood - April 6th

 A musical adaptation of this familiar children's theatre fairy tale has audience involvement and participation galore!  From a unique beginning to a fun-filled happy ending, the traditional characters come to life through song, dance and laughter.

As our wily old wolf says, "My 'tail' is a great tale to be told!


Marvelous Marvin Brain Circus - June 5th

“Brain Circus” begins with a rhyming overture about brain health and it’s links with exercise and reading. Then we join the circus and feel our brains grow! Play begins. We learn circus skills: juggling props, balancing sticks, spinning plates, flip-and-flyers, hula hoops, rhythm sticks and romper stompers.


95% Attendance Incentive

Students with perfect attendance each month are entered in a monthly raffle for free movie tickets.  Two tickets, provided by PTO funds will be given out each month through the end of the school year.