95% Attendance Incentive

Students with perfect attendance each month are entered in a monthly raffle for free movie tickets.  Two tickets, provided by PTO funds will be given out each month through the end of the school year. 


Kaleidoscope Theatre - Little Red Riding Hood - April 6th

 A musical adaptation of this familiar children's theatre fairy tale has audience involvement and participation galore!  From a unique beginning to a fun-filled happy ending, the traditional characters come to life through song, dance and laughter.

As our wily old wolf says, "My 'tail' is a great tale to be told!


Marvelous Marvin Brain Circus - June 5th

“Brain Circus” begins with a rhyming overture about brain health and it’s links with exercise and reading. Then we join the circus and feel our brains grow! Play begins. We learn circus skills: juggling props, balancing sticks, spinning plates, flip-and-flyers, hula hoops, rhythm sticks and romper stompers.